Montafon accomodation

Good morning Skiberen,

Thanks to Dianne we have a number of offers to go to Montafon from January 21st to 28th. The offers vary in price and thus in luxury between 230euro per week per person to 350 euro per week per person. Off course the price depends also on how many enthousiastic Skiberen join us. Next to the price for the accomodation, there are other costs to consider:
– ski pass: 195 euros for 7 days
– food: our take 150€
– apres-ski: your guess is better than mine
– travel: depending of course on how you want to travel see below

Different accomodations:

We like to hear your reactions!


770 km from eindhoven
1340km from Warschau
autobahn vignet Austria: 8 euro

travel schedule and exact pricing is not yet available
eindhoven – Bludenz
85€ travel time 9.22u OR 174€ travel time 13.49u
Bludenz – Eindhoven
82€ travel time 8.54u
I am sorry, but from Poland the NS does not have any information
MBS – Montafonerbahn Bludenz – Schruns
Bahnhof Bludenz – Montafonerbahn von Bludenz nach Schruns (ca. 20 min.), Frequenz ca. alle 30 min. (zu den Hauptzeiten). Informationen zu den Fahrzeiten und Fahrplan, Verbindungen und Dienstleistungen erhalten Sie unter .

Friedrichshafen is 100km van Montafon af: Transavia 103€ retour
za 21/01 13:20 Rotterdam za 21/01 14:35 Friedrichshafen HV 6717 (1h15)
za 28/01 15:15 Friedrichshafen za 28/01 16:30 Rotterdam HV 6718 (1h15)

Zurich is 150km van Montafon af: Transavia 98€ retour
za 21/01 11:30 Eindhoven za 21/01 12:55 Zurich HV 5301 (1h25)
za 28/01 13:45 Zurich za 28/01 15:10 Eindhoven HV 5302 (1h25)

Lufthansa: 445€ retour
vr 20/01 16:00 Warschau vr 20/01 17:40 München LH 5739 (1h40)
vr 20/01 19:05 München vr 20/01 20:15 Frankfurt LH 121 (1h10)
vr 20/01 21:05 Frankfurt vr 20/01 21:55 Friedrichshafen LH 96 (0h50)

za 28/01 14:25 Friedrichshafen za 28/01 15:20 Frankfurt LH 95 (0h55)
za 28/01 20:55 Frankfurt za 28/01 22:40 Warschau LO 380 (1h45)

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